Anarkik 3D Design - Intuitive Haptic 3D Modelling Software

Anarkik 3D Design - Intuitive Haptic 3D Modelling Software


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Students, Graduates and Professionals



Donna Brennan Contemporary Presents

Anarkik 3D Design - Intuitive Haptic 3D Modelling Software
with Ann Marie Shillito

International Jewellery Masterclasses

13 & 14 October 2018

This intensive Masterclass is geared to the requirements of jewellers, designer makers, applied artists and creative people who want to expand their business by taking advantage of 3D digital designing and 3D printing opportunities but find standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) programmes very intimidating.

Led by designer/maker/jeweller Ann Marie Shillito: author of the book ‘Digital Crafts – Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists & Designer Makers’. Ann Marie is CEO of Anarkik3D, which develops 3D modelling software used in the Masterclass. She has expertise in both the software and 3D printing.

The Masterclass will use the ‘Anarkik 3D Design’ package  designed and developed specifically for designer makers and applied artists who need a straightforward 3D modelling system that is easy and enjoyable to use, combining the hand-crafted with digital technologies.

It is an intensive course with hands-on learning and creating guided by demonstrations of digital functionality and handling 3D printed items. Practical information on how and where to access the technology will be provided along with individual attention for progressing on to the next stage.

This Masterclass is perfect if you feel that you are missing out on the potential that 3D digital designing and 3D printing technologies offers. If standard Computer Aided Design packages are too prescriptive for your style of working, this Masterclass offers you a different, more intuitive way of working in digital 3D.

The award winning Anarkik 3D Design system builds on your experience of hand-crafting materials by using a 3D ‘mouse’ that gives you amazing tactile feedback. You actually feel, in 3D, resistance from the objects on the screen as you form them!

The user-interface is really straightforward, and the programme is quick to learn with limitless potential. Just like the humble pencil, it can be used for developing concepts fast and mastered by working in your own style with no CAD aesthetic imposed on you! With standard digital functions such as undo/redo, you are able to 'play' in a risk free environment while engaged in the serious job of designing.

So if you think 3D modelling isn’t for you then in this Masterclass you’ll be surprised. You will use the system Anarkik3D has developed specifically for designer makers so you can be creative from the start. It is also intended for 3D printing your creations, so you can produce and sell your designs more profitably.

Entry Level

Suitable for jewellery, art & design students, graduates and professionals.


Taught in English.


Maximum 10 People.


Computers and software will be provided for student use on both days.

Masterclass attendees are eligible for a 15% discount on Cloud9 software (the Falcon haptic device needs to be purchased separately).

There is also a Loan Scheme available.

Dates & Times

Saturday 13 October: 10am - 4pm (followed by a 1 hour lecture and dinner with drinks)

Sunday 14 October: 10am - 4pm

Both days include one hour for lunch, with lunch provided


Donna Brennan Contemporary7 Iliffe Yard, Crampton Street, London, SE17 3QA



£380 students

£380 early bird until Monday 28 July


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