Cora Sheibani: Jewels

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Cora Sheibani: Jewels
by William Grant

Cora Sheibani – Jewels is published to mark the 20th anniversary of Cora Sheibani’s eponymous brand

Cora Sheibani’s jewels are the product of a highly active imagination. Her creations are designed to surprise and delight – miniature cakes and jellies that look good enough to eat; rings and bracelets that glow in the dark; shimmering clouds with diamond raindrops; jewels that stare back at you, and plant pots billowing with vegetation.

Her design handwriting is predicated on a bold sense of form and colour, allied with a playful, contradictory mindset. Her design philosophy is to make jewellery she herself wants to wear and in doing so, she trusts that her customers in turn will appreciate and value her personal aesthetic.

About William Grant

William Grant is the author of two biographies on British Jewellery designers both published by ACC Art Books.

Andrew Grima: The Father of Modern Jewellery, the definitive monograph on Britain’s most celebrated postwar jeweller, published by ACC in November 2021. This, his second book, explores the life and work of one of Europe’s most promising young jewellery designers.

Born in 1964, Grant is married to Jojo Grima, whose late husband is the subject of his first book.

Review for Andrew Grima - The Father of Modern Jewellery

"…a sumptuous valentine to a designer who toppled the traditions and concepts of jewelry mid-century, initially at the groundbreaking 'International Exhibition of Modern Jewellery, 1890-1961...It is rare to come upon a jewelry monograph that reads like art history―that is thorough, carefully researched, and written without hyperbole but with precision and intelligence...I can not praise this book enough, nor its importance to modern jewelry"

Ruth Peltason ― American Society of Jewelry Historians

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The first book about this leading independent jeweller
Foreword by Bob Colacello

Publisher: ‎ ACC Art Books; 1st edition (20 Feb. 2023)

Language: ‎ English

Hardcover : ‎ 228 pages

ISBN-10: ‎ 1788842138

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1788842136

Dimensions: ‎ 24.97 x 2.67 x 26.52 cm


Rebecca van Rooijen


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