City Fringe Partnership

The City Fringe Partnership was a ground-breaking public and private sector alliance between the London Development Agency, the London boroughs and private business partners which ran from 1996 - 2009. 

Through their European Development-funded project, the Jewellery Sector Investment Plan (JSIP), they created £3 million worth of jewellery support programmes, improving collaborative and training opportunities in the industry. The projects ran until 2009, and they continue to inspire long-term regenerative partnerships today.

Projects like Future in the Making supported 340 businesses to increase their sales and contacts, and beginner’s jewellery and awareness courses were run for 125 socially and economically excluded adults to help them pursue a career in the trade.  

The Change Act Share communications project helped bring the Hatton Garden jewellery community together whilst helping to create and supply affordable workshop space in central London for jewellers.

Events such as London Jewellery Week and the Hatton Garden Festival were established, increasing interest and participation in the jewellery industry. 

The City Fringe Partnership’s legacy made it possible for Benchpeg to create this new version of the website.


City Fringe Partnership Project reports 1996 - 2009

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