Large Scale Art Installation, Boomtown Festival UK Ltd

Boomtown Festival UK Ltd




Winchester, Hampshire


Between 1st – 8th August .


Boomtown Festival UK Ltd


Commissioning Opportunity for Large Scale Art Installation
Boomtown Festival UK Ltd

Boomtown Fair are looking for Artists who can interpret the following brief and submit proposals for a Large scale Outdoor Art Installation to be positioned up on a hilltop look out point looking out over the festival.

The space is green field, an Area of outstanding natural beauty in the South Downs National Park.

We would like a sculptural Art installation to contain the following elements

  • Providing  welcoming safe space for festival goers to enjoy a moment of calm and reflection away from the hustle and bustle of the festival
  • Places to sit to take in the views across the valley
  • Reference to thought provoking subjects raised in Chapter 9 of the Boomtown Story such as corporate greed, mass media manipulation, powerful puppet masters, political game playing, divisive agendas.
  • An interactive element (i.e. messages for loved ones - wishing tree)
  • To be accessible day and night
  • To be visible and recognisable for what it is from afar as well as up close
  • To contain elements of nature and echo the natural surroundings
  • Be sensitive and complementary to both the festival environment and the natural environment.

Role Summary

The applicant/applicants will be responsible for the design, installation and management of the area throughout the festival. Your design will need to be approved by the festival Creative teams and health and Safety teams and we will remain in close contact with about the project.  We will be able to provide some stewards to run but if there are elements that need to be managed (such as fire or a way of displaying thoughts or wishes)  this would be managed through a team you would provide.

You will provide all Method statements and Risk Assessment for the proposed Installation.

Deadline for Applications

April 30th 2017

Decision made by: May 10th

Installation Date

Between 1st – 8th August . Derig date :  14th August.

Event Date

10th - 13th August 2017




Email for full details.