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News Edit: 6 June 2021

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Here is a round up of this week's international jewellery news...

Silversmith passing on cultural heritage

China Daily: On the 15th day in the third month of the lunar calendar, women of the Miao ethnic group put on silver jewelry to participate in the Miao Sisters Festival in Southwest China's mountainous Guizhou province.

Centurion Jewelry Trade Show Marks 20 Years Of Presenting Finely Crafted Luxury Jewelry And Superb Gems

Forbes: Founded by New York-based jewelry industry veteran Howard Hauben, the invitation-only Centurion Jewelry Show staged its 20th annual business-to-business trade show event from May 22 to May 25th in Phoenix, Arizona at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa.

Meet Alex Cannon: Influencer Turned Entrepreneur Who Has Built His Own Multimillion Pound Jewelry Brand

Forbes: Over the last decade, we have seen online influencers transform the way marketing is done. Their ability to communicate with their audience in a more authentic way has been central to this.

How Yoon Ahn ambushed the jewellery market

FT: The co-founder of her own line and a designer for Dior Men’s has earned a reputation for edgy, highly desirable collections.

Elegant pearl jewellery for glamorous June birthdays

Tatler: Tatler's Jewellery Editor, Charlie Miller, presents the case for pearls, June's exquisite birthstone, in 30 pieces – one for every day of the month.

‘Cheaper In Staples’: Internet Baffled By Metal Face Jewellery To ‘Compliment Your Chin’

Independent: ‘£150 to stick a bulldog clip in my gob?’

It’s Not Easy to Access Jewels by JAR, and Now Is Your Chance

Town and Country: The largest-ever collection of his work is coming to auction.

Diamonds are forever, but what about ones grown in labs?

ABC News: Lab diamonds are entirely man made.

Van Cleef & Arpels: time for good luck

The Week: Legendary jewellery house reveals its very first Alhambra pendant watch.

Glimpse fine jewellery making at new Vashi store in London

Wallpaper: Vashi’s vast Covent Garden store spans two floors and shows off the jewellery making process with views of the workbench and labs.

From 16-hour days as waitress to earning £20,000 a month for Angus jewellery boss

The Courier: The owner of an Angus jewellery brand has her sights set on making it a £1m business in the next two years.

Q&A with Nikolay Piriankov, CEO of Conscious Jewellery Brand Taylor & Hart

Eco Warrior Princess: Since 2013, Taylor & Hart have been designing and expertly crafting engagement rings, wedding rings and fine jewellery with a focus on ethical sourcing and supply chain transparency and have been involved in more than 2,000 engagements.

The Scheufele family are committed to Chopard being a luxury brand of ethics

Prestigue Online: Chopard has been on a remarkable journey to sustainable luxury since 2013, thanks to the initiative launched by its co-president and artistic director, Caroline Scheufele.

Thai jewellery brand Pattaraphan puts a twist on minimalism

Wallpaper: Pattaraphan’s sustainably produced designs nod to the Thai jewellery designer’s heritage.

Headdresses crafted in India make for meaningful and intricate high jewellery

Wallpaper: Estaa’s headdresses in gold, silver, titanium and aluminium are created in workshops across India, from the Rajasthan deserts in the west to the temple roof carvers in the south.




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